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Presentations - Josefina

Working with our partner solicitor, Racmo Gestation Espana ,we are presenting Monitorios, Executions, Subrogations, tramites and Conciliations for leading financial institutions via our technology which allows significantly increased speed. 350 X faster than 1 solicitor alone and with 100% accuracy

Virtual Lawyer - Santiago

The virtual lawyer is fully integrated with the solicitor technology, allowing claims to be presented, notifications to be received and processed, and tramites to be sent to the courts in a prioritised and timely way, with no need for manual lawyer intervention. Ellipsis technology completes the end to end litigation process

Notifications - Elisa

We are able to handle large volumes of court paperwork with speed and without loading more costs. We can take all your court notifications from any solicitor, classify them, and send them back to you in categories highlighting deadlines so you can prioritise what is needed